Duarte Stilwell

Received a BA in Genetics from the Faculty of Genetics at Cambridge University (1994) and obtained MA in 1998. University where he rowed during the first 4 years for his College and came to integrate the first team of VIII. The lack of time has meant that in recent years only had time to train and prepare some teams that came to win the main races of Cambridge.

Returned to Portugal in 1998 to practice Veterinary Medicine where he began his career with Production Animals and Horses in the Montemor-o-Velho area. After a brief experience at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Lisbon he opened the Colares Veterinary Clinic in August 2000, where he is currently Technical Director. In 2005 he completed the Advanced Small Animal Internal Medicine Course in Cambridge, and in 2008 he completed a Postgraduate Degree in Equine Medicine and Surgery. Nowadays he devotes his time to his wife and 3 children, work and when he manages to playing tennis on Praia das Maçãs Apples.